Thoughts & Prayers

This morning has us thinking of our friends and partners out West, dealing with yet another fire. Stay safe!

Envinate is Hot!

The winemaking quartet behind the Envinate label are crafting some amazing wines. We’re proud to have Envinate in our wine portfolio. Unfamiliar with them? We can change that. First, read this recent article in Punch (link below), and then talk to your Négoce rep.

How Envínate Became a Symbol of the New Spanish Wine

Les Amis du Vin

This is a business that is all about relationships. I first befriended Bob and Jim Varner back in 1994. At the time, they were brokers for a winery I was a manager at. 23 years later, we’re still partners…but now the roles have reversed somewhat. 🙂

The Varner boys have been crafting exquisite wines from Central Coast fruit for almost as long as I’ve known them, and their Foxglove label offers exceptional values. Don’t just take my word for it, Food and Wine Magazine just placed Foxglove Zinfandel at the top of their “Best $15 and Under Wines”. This follows last month’s issue that featured Foxglove Chardonnay as on of the “50 of the World’s Most Reliable, Inexpensive Wines”


Peter has written another insightful article for The Growler. This time, it’s a great overview of the more-popular white wine grapes. Very proud that this guy’s on Team Négoce…

A hearty ‘Thank You’ to all who came out to attend our inaugural trade show yesterday. We hope that this event provided a better idea of our portfolio. Thank you also to the over 60 of our supplier partners who made the effort to be here to showcase their efforts.



Our inaugural trade show starts at 1pm, and will go until 5pm. This is the first (and a rare) opportunity to taste through a lot of our portfolio, and to meet the people behind them.

Come join us at Machine Shop in Minneapolis!

HARVEST UPDATE: Lagier-Meredith, Spring Mountain, Napa, CA

This just in from Carole Meredith:

“We’re about halfway through our 2017 harvest. We’ve picked our Zinfandel and about half our Syrah. We expect to pick the Malbec and the rest of the Syrah on Monday 9/18 and then we’ll just be waiting for the Mondeuse, which is always last.

This has felt like a stealth vintage. All was slow and calm until Labor Day weekend, when we had a massive heatwave and everything changed.

We had a very wet winter (over 70 inches of rain here), which meant that the vines had lots of water to draw on. The season started with relatively late budbreak and the season progressed normally. August was particularly cool and foggy, which we loved, and we marveled at how great the fruit looked. Then on Labor Day weekend we got a ferocious heat wave.  The temperature reached 108 one day, the highest we’ve ever experienced in our 31 years on this property.

High temperatures like that can cause the grapes to shrivel and turn into raisins. So a few days after the heat subsided, we began to assess the quality of the fruit. We were pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t all that bad. There were some raisins, to be sure, especially on the vines that get the most afternoon sun. So the two of us have been going on raisin patrol every day, examining every cluster and either removing it entirely if it is mostly shriveled or just clipping out the individual raisins. (We remember doing this in 2003, when we also had a heat wave right before harvest.)

We expect 2017 to be a small vintage for us, although not as small as 2015, when we were down 40%. We’ve had to leave some of the 2017 fruit on the ground because of the raisins, but what we’ve brought into the winery so far looks wonderful.”

Trade Show: One Week Away!

Just a reminder that our inaugural trade show will be held one week from today. Complete details may be found here. We hope that you will make every effort to join us for this historic – and fun – event!

Spanish Gins: Who Knew? WE DID.

Saveur Magazine seems surprised, “…Some of the World’s Best Gin Comes From…Spain?” Who knew?
We did.
We are the proud distributors of the two best Gins from Spain: Gin de Mahón, and Gin Mare. If you’ve not yet tasted these Gins, you are in for a treat. Ask your Négoce rep for a sample…you’ll be glad you did!
#spainisforginlovers #disturbingtheuniverse

Team Négoce’s Newest Members

We’ve got a great team here at Négoce. Meet two very important members of our team, Andrea Preusse and Luke Knutson.  Luke is in charge of picking orders in our warehouse, and Andrea is our lead delivery driver. Both work hard to ensure that each order is accurate, and is delivered in a timely manner.