PM Spirits is in the House!

The PM Spirits LLC portfolio has never been available in Minnesota…until today. Here are just a few of the amazing distillates we’ve just received from them. Thank you, Nicolas Palazzi!


It would appear that the press is realizing something we’ve known all along: Tequila is on fire. Négoce has one of the finest craft Tequila and agave spirits portfolios in the State. If you’re considering improving your selection of Tequila, Mezcal, Bacanora and Sotol, give us a call.

Tequila AretteTequila ArteNOMTequila CabezaCimarrón Tequila,Fuenteseca TequilaLapis TequilaPurasangre TequilaTequila Terralta, Tequila 3-4-5, Tequila Don Abraham, Tequila Desilador.

Dampwerk is the Focus for First Food Truck Friday*

*on a Wednesday.

Every month we will be hosting an event at our warehouse that we’re calling “Food Truck Friday (on a Wednesday)”. These events will provide members of the trade to learn more about a region, variety or style, or to meet with one of our supplier partners.  We’ll pop some corks, or open some bottles, but we’ll always have some food to accompany the afternoon tasting. These gatherings are designed to be both educational and fun.

Our first “FTF” will take place on Wednesday, August 30th from 1pm until 4pm. Our guests will be the Loeffelholz family of Dampfwerk Distillery. This Saint Louis Park-based distiller is crafting some truly exceptional spirits, and we are proud to be working with them.

Full details are available on our Events calendar. I sure hope that you can make it!