Today’s issue of The Drinks Business included an article on seven consumer wine trends to watch in 2018. Number three on their list was the rise in popularity of wines in cans. There’s no doubting that this packaging offers many advantages to the traditional bottle. The biggest drawback has not been in the package itself, but what is IN the package.

Most wine in can offerings are uninspired at best, terrible at worst.

May we suggest Tangent Wines‘ two canned offerings? Their 2016 Rosé and 2016 Sauvignon Blanc are fresh, lively and complex. And while most canned wines are produced from sourced, bulk wines, Tangent’s offerings represent the only caned wines on the market that are produced from estate-grown grapes.

The Niven family pioneered the Edna Valley, having grown grapes there since 1970. The AVA – one of the coolest there is in California – provides winemakers with perfectly-ripe grapes while maintaining higher acids. No flabby wines these. The Tangent can offerings are seriously fun wines, that are perfect for the lake, the golf course, on a picnic, or your dining room table.